Youth Ministry and Vocations

  • Encourages and accompanies the leaders of the Major Organisms and Missions of the Congregation in their pastoral service.
  • Participates in the forums and encounters of the YVM in shared mission with the Claretian Family in the name of the Congregation.
  • Responsible for carrying out the Action Plan of the General Government in everything related to the YVM of the Congregation.
  • Coordinates the General Council of the YVM of the Congregation

Claret – Way

The world network of young Claretians links all the young people from 18 to 30 years of age, from the realities of the Claretian family, integrating the local and regional proposals of the YVM in CF, in order to offer experiences and spaces of communion in the universal mission of the Church under our Claretian charism in following the lifestyle of Jesus.

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Youth & Vocational Materials


Jul 16

Foundation of the Congregation in 1849

oct 24

Feast of St. Antony Mary Claret


Ha-Mebasser is a virtual newsletter with news and topics of interest. It is addressed to the CMFF referents of YVM, to the major superiors of the Organisms of the Congregation and to YVM referents of the CF so that they can extend it to the YVM referents of the pastoral structures and local communities.

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Youth & Vocational Materials


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