Rooted in Christ

Audacious in Mission

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Jubilee of the Foundation of the Congregation

A time to revive the spirit of our founder in the life of each of us and our communities to become creative evangelizers in our times. It is an opportune time to cultivate a deeper understanding and living of the definition of Claret, the apostolic prayer, and our Constitutions.

We dream of a pilgrim Congregation

rooted in faith in Jesus Christ and in Claretian spirituality.

We dream like Claret of a Congregation

that, following the example of Mary, treasures in its heart, fulfils and proclaims the Word of God.

We dream of a Congregation of Missionaries

who share our lives, diversity, and resources in communities shaped by the mission and ministries God has entrusted to us. We encourage and accompany one another as brothers through mutual listening, without excluding anyone.

We dream of a Congregation, audacious and itinerant,

that, sent by the Spirit of the Lord (cf. Lk 4:18; Acts 8:28, 39) goes forth towards the peripheries, approaches the youth, walks with them and encourages them to respond to the call of God.

We dream of a Congregation

that has as its starting point the biblical animation of all pastoral ministry (cf. VD 73), evangelises with all possible means in shared mission, interreligious dialogue, and the intelligent use of the various forms of communication media.

We dream of a Congregation

committed to universal brotherhood (Fratelli tutti), justice, peace and the care of the common home (Laudato si’). In a spirit of synodality, we collaborate with people of different cultures, ethnicities and religions for the transformation of the world in accord with God’s plan (cf. CC 46).

We dream of a Congregation

prepared to respond to new challenges through an integral and continuing process of formation, open to universal mission, according to the spirit and charism of our Father Founder.


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